Having trouble playing the game with one hand holding onto your umbrella? Now we’ll show you how to stay dry while keeping both hands free for catching Pokémon!

Following our Japanese writing team’s success with their DIY hands-free Pokémon Go gaming accessory, constructed from a large coat hanger and a few rubber bands, they discovered they needed to update the item to adapt to the inclement weather seen in Tokyo recently. Quicker than you can say “Apple Update”, our Japanese writer P.K. Sanjun took up the role of head technician, delving into the corners of his genius brain to come up with the Poké-Han v.2.0, resulting in an accessory with just as many head-turning features as the first.


This one is just as easy to make too, requiring only three items: the frame from an external frame backpack, an umbrella, and some thick rubber bands to keep the handle of the brolly securely attached to the frame. After adding the original Poké-Han hands-free hanger around his neck, P.K. was ready to catch Pokémon in the rain.


Making his way down to the popular “Pikachu Forest“, otherwise known as Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, P.K. encountered groups of people gathered under trees and clutching umbrellas as they held their phones out, engrossed in the game. While others around him were dealing with the frustrations of one-handed gaming while sheltering from the rain, P.K. had both hands free to play the game and he would’ve been able to eat a burger at the same time too if he wanted. In fact, the horizontal section on the frame attached to his back would’ve been the perfect place to set up a tray of fast food to snack on while searching for Pokémon.


Despite looking a bit weird, P.K. was impressed with the huge contraption strapped to his body. He had full freedom of movement, while staying sheltered from the elements at the same time.


While he was a bit embarrassed at first to step out with all this equipment, he found that the looks he got from passers-by weren’t ones of surprised laughter; they were looks of awe. Fellow gamers saw his paraphernalia as a sign that he must be a high-ranking player!


His brief moment of pride turned sour, however, when he returned to the office and forgot that closing the umbrella meant shutting it down around his head. Oh well; it’s a good excuse as any to get started on v.3.0!


To see our writer testing out the contraption, check out the short video below!

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