Equipped with his very own hands-free Poké-Han device, Nick was able to catch a rare Farfetch’d Pokémon he’d never seen before.

After 28-year-old Nick Johnson became the first person to catch all 142 available Pokémon in augmented reality game Pokémon Go in the U.S., Expedia and Marriott Rewards got together to offer him the trip of a lifetime, sending Johnson off on an internfational adventure to add even more cute creatures to his collection.

After finding region-exclusive characters Mr. Mime in Paris, Farfetch’d in Hong Kong, and Kangaskhan in Sydney, Johnson rounded off his trip in Japan, the birthplace of Pokémon, where we met up with him for a spot of Pokémon hunting, RocketNews24-style. Needless to say, the results were hilarious, with Nick able to add another region-exclusive character to his belt, the never-before seen, rarest monster of them all – the legendary Glasses Farfetch’d.

▼ Never heard of a Glasses Farfetch’d? Don’t worry, nobody else has either! To find one, all you’ll need is a little bit of patience and a member of the RocketNews24 team.


Setting out with Nick in search of Pokémon on the grounds of the Tokyo Marriott Hotel was our Japanese writer, P.K., who got the Pokémon Go master set up with his very own hands-free Poké-Han device, which P.K. has been testing out on the streets of Tokyo. Nick had seen the crazy-looking gadget online and took to it like a Dragonair to water, happy to test out the coat-hanger contraption while setting out a lure with P.K. to see what they could find in the woody environment.


Playing the game without holding onto the phone was a new experience for Nick, who said it felt great to have his hands free, while it also helped to keep his head raised, increasing his vision around him.


After picking up a Dragonair together, the duo decided to venture further afield to look for a rarer creature in the wild. Despite catching his first Asia-exclusive Farfetch’d in Hong Kong several days earlier, and three more in Yoyogi Park the previous day, Nick couldn’t refuse an opportunity to add another one of the rare duck characters to his collection.

Nick Johnson37

After walking a few metres, the elusive Farfetch’d suddenly came into view, appearing out of nowhere, hidden behind the trees and at the top of a set of stairs! Known in Japanese as Kamonegi, which literally translates to “Duck Leek”, this grey-bodied, yellow-billed duck was in fact carrying a leek, and even offered it up to its new trainer upon meeting.

Nick Johnson54

Nick Johnson55

▼ After capturing all the Pokémon currently available in the game, Nick can now add the unique “Glasses Farfetch’d” to his ever-growing list of memorable encounters!

Nick Johnson56

And if the bespectacled character looks familiar, that’s probably because he was once spotted outside the Nintendo headquarters in a different guise, as a “Glasses Pikachu“.


This time, the glasses belong to the Kamonegi. Only the power of a true Pokémon master could bring such a creature to life!


▼ And what reward does one get for coming across a RocketNews24 exclusive Farfetch’d Pokémon? This awesome Kamonegi Pokémon Nanoblock set!

Nick Johnson78

▼ If you’re worried about Farfetch’d losing his ability to live without his leek, you can rest easy – he’d carefully selected a few extra stalks to keep as back-ups in his bag!


Good luck with the rest of your Pokémon adventures, Nick! And thanks for being such a good sport and going along with the antics of our crazy team. Friendly, easygoing, and ready for unexpected tasks and surprises – Nick really has all the admirable qualities of a true Pokémon Master!

Nick Johnson72

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