“Otaku” YouTuber confronts Tokyo tough-guy litterers, who’ve got no idea who they’re dealing with

Litterbug smokers aren’t so eager to brawl once they find out they’re picking a fight with a guy who beats people up for a living.

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We visited a tempura shop that allowed customers to discard miso soup clam shells on the floor

The store’s odd practice is a stark contrast to Japan’s stance on cleanliness.

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The morning after: Volunteers clean up the litter from Tokyo’s Halloween street party

Mr. Sato heads back to Shibuya, and is startled by what he sees.

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The must-have item to avoid being a jerk at Tokyo’s biggest Halloween street party

Bring a bag, and no, not to put candy in.

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Japanese Twitter manga artist highlights continuing problem of post-Halloween aftermath 【Photos】

Online artist takes a swipe at Halloween party-goers and the sea of trash they leave in their wake.

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Jack-‘o-lantern trash bags being handed out to fight litter during Tokyo Halloween parties

Celebration’s image tarnished in recent years as partiers leave huge amounts of trash on the streets.

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“To protect the world from devastation!” Real-life Team Rocket cleans litter in Pokémon GO park

Team Rocket’s blasting off again… to make the world a cleaner place!

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Modern-day samurai patrolling Tokyo’s streets to fight against the evils of littering 【Video】

”Hearts without morals shall be punished!” declares group, which is recruiting new members.

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Japan under siege by broken umbrellas

Japan is a country that loves their umbrellas. Rain or shine, lolita or businessman, everyone enjoys the security of a swath of plastic or cloth above their precious head. However, this time of year poses a particular problem for parasol lovers, when mother nature flings typhoons at East Asia like so many spitballs at a blackboard of the Pacific Rim.

The result for most pedestrians is a nasty combination of heavy wind and rain where one wrong turn of the corner can instantly result in your umbrella becoming the world’s largest and most depressing shuttlecock.

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