Our Japanese reporter Mr. Sato visited these seven well-known tourist spots and captured 88 Pokémon in six hours.

Our Japanese writing team have been waiting anxiously for the Pokémon Go mobile game to arrive on our shores. Once it was finally released, our reporters immediately set off on separate missions around town to see who could catch ’em all, and Mr Sato came out on top with an impressive tally of 88 Pokémon in six hours. Covering an area of 16 kilometres (9.9 miles), which came in at just over 20,000 steps, Mr Sato was tired but triumphant after his excursion, and eager to share with us the discoveries he made at his stops along the way.

1. Meiji Jingu (Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku)


Out of all seven locations visited, Meiji Jingu proved to be the best one when it came to catching Pokémon. With so many trees and bushes for them to hide in, searching for the creatures here is immensely enjoyable, especially as there’s so much room to move with all the wide open space. After visiting the main shrine and then stopping by the Kiyomasa Well, Mr Sato spent about an hour here, catching Pokémon and levelling up from level 3 to 6 in that short space of time.


2. Roppongi Hills (Roppongi, Minato-ku)


Thanks to the lure module set up here in the popular shopping area, this is a good place to pick up a number of Pokémon.


3. Tokyo Midtown (Akazaka, Minato-ku)


Mr Sato picked up a pretty rare Pokémon in the north area of the park opposite the Tokyo midtown shopping complex.


4. Tokyo Tower (Shibakoen, Minato-ku)


Tokyo Tower is another good spot to visit, with more rare Pokémon lurking around the area.


5. Zojo-ji (Shibakoen, Minato-ku)


Nearby Zojo-ji Temple was pretty quiet by comparison.


6. Senso-ji (Asakusa, Taito-ku)


Surprisingly, not many Pokémon were found in this area. Which is probably a good thing, seeing as there would be a higher risk of falls and accidents here with all the huge crowds during peak periods.

7. Ueno Park (Ueno, Taito-ku)


After using incense in the park, Mr Sato was able to pick up a Magmar and some other not-so-common Pokémon.


After a day’s work and seven stops, this was the general result. Now we’re looking forward to seeing where Mr. Sato is at on Monday, after a weekend of searching the city!


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