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Who knew that the secret to happiness as a couple could be caught in a Pokéball?

Oh, couples. When you’re in a relationship, then going chocolate-mining together is the greatest thing ever, and when you’re not, then you appreciate the restaurants that forbid couples from entering a lot more.

But what’s the key to a happy relationship? Sure, not being a jerk is a big part of it, but there has to be more to it, right?

Japanese Twitter user @kirinamaP recently voiced their own unique opinion on the matter, which over 30,000 others agree with wholeheartedly. Here’s what they had to say… or, should we say, spray: (translation below)

Conversation between a couple that won’t last:
Her: “I love you!”
Him: “I love you too!”

Conversation between a couple that lasts
(my older sister and her husband)
Her: “We’re going to show you something cool.”
Him: “Blaaassstoise!”
Me: “Tee hee lol”

Ah, yes, the key to any happy marriage: transforming into a Blastoise together by using the wife’s legs as water pumps.

▼ #RelationsquirtGoals

Here’s how Japanese netizens reacted to the unexpected secret behind lasting relationships:

“D’aww, how sweet!”
“Wow, that’s a pretty strong husband.”
“I’m totally not jealous at all. Nope, no way. Totally not.”
“I see kids’ toys in the picture. I think they’d raise a great kid.”
“Personally I think doing both (saying ‘I love you’ AND becoming a Blastoise together) are important.”

While that is true, I think what @kirinamaP was getting at is that couples who do nothing else together but say how much they love each other tend to not last very long. It’s important to be able to have silly fun together, however you choose.

Whether you transform into Pokémon, or take hilarious parody photos of being dragged around everywhere, as long as you’re both laughing, chances are you’ll keep laughing together for a long time.

Source: Twitter/@kirinamaP via Hamusoku
Featured/top image: Pokémon Official Website