There are two things that I think stand out as particularly memorable from my oldest brother’s wedding ceremony. One is the stuttering mess of a toast I gave as his best man. The other is that he and his wife cut their cake with an honest to God sword, since my brother, being a member of the Marine Corps, got married in his dress uniform, complete with Mameluke saber.

It definitely made for a much more dramatic effect than slicing up dessert with some puny kitchen knife, and you might now find yourself wondering how you could incorporate a similar idea for your own wedding reception. Thankfully, you don’t even need an official work blade, just a love of iconic video games, as demonstrated by the couple in Japan that cut their cake with the The Legend of Zelda’s Master Sword.

You don’t need detective-class powers of deduction to figure out that Twitter user Kamimura Gin is a gamer, what with her Ice Climbers background and Mr. Driller profile picture. Still, if you needed any extra proof, here’s a snapshot from her wedding ceremony, which took place last Saturday.

That right there is a replica of the Master Sword, hero Link’s ultimate weapon in ten different games in the Zelda franchise, and which the character also fights with in a half-dozen or so non-Zelda guest appearances. It’s usually used to take down archvillain Ganon, but it fulfilled a different when Kamimura wielded it, as she explained when tweeting the photo:

“My husband and I had our wedding ceremony the day before yesterday. To cut the cake, we used the Master Sword he gave me for my birthday. The first thing we did as a married couple was to draw the sword, and all of our guests got really fired up! To any Zelda fans who’re getting married, this is something you’ve got to try!”

This wasn’t a case of a resigned husband good-naturedly going along with his wife’s over-exuberant love of video games, either. The cake they cut they used the Master Sword on was modeled after the controller and graphics of Konami’s arcade rhythm game franchise pop’n music, and the design was the groom’s idea.

▲ “Here’s our cake, but it’s not shaped like Ganondorf. Just like my husband wanted, it’s based on the cabinet of the music game we formed a connection through. It felt a little weird cutting through it with the Master Sword, though!”

Naturally, if your reception includes a Nintendo sword and Konami cake, you can’t just use sheets of plain text for the seating chart. Instead, the newlyweds’ seats were designated by 16-bit Final Fantasy-style avatars.

▼ We’re not exactly sure why the bride covered up her own name but not her husband’s before sending the tweet, but what we’re really curious about is why she doesn’t want anyone to know their levels or number of magic points.

That mystery aside, no doubt all who saw the wedding photos were happy for the couple, and possibly just a little jealous of their passion for each other and electronic entertainment. One online commenter even mused it’d be cool to use the sword from Dragon Quest at his own reception.

Wait, what’s that? A different couple already did that?

▼ Loto’s Sword, also known as The Sword of Erdrick

So remember, when you’re talking to your wedding coordinator, after you’ve figured out the flower arrangements and bridesmaids’ dresses, don’t forget to pick out your fantasy arsenal.

Source: Hamster Sokuho, Twitter