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Sleek cosplay designs look like they could double as modern sportswear.

The vast majority of Pokémon video games have been releases for handheld systems, meaning that playing them on the go has always been an option. But mobile hit Pokémon GO is unique in that it’s the first game in the series that requires you go walk around outside in order to really enjoy the full gameplay experience.

As such, Pokémon GO also presents players with a new decision to make. Not only do they have to decide which Pokémon they want to catch and where to search for them, they also have to choose what to wear while doing so. That’s where fast-acting Japanese cosplay label Cosprecious comes into the picture.

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While the biggest stars of Pokémon GO are the Pocket Monsters themselves, each player also picks out a Pokémon Trainer avatar. Cosprecious’ new Pokémon GO cosplay sets mimic the futuristically sporty styles seen in the game, with boldly colored pullover tops and headwear.

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The men’s version, pictured above, includes a visor to keep the sun out of your eyes as you check your smartphone’s screen for nearby Pokémon and PokeStops. Alternatively, the women’s outfit comes with a baseball cap, although it’s missing the ostensibly copyrighted Poké Ball insignia.

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The sets, in sizes between extra-small and extra-extra-large, are currently available through Amazon Japan for 17,200 yen (US$164) each (men’s here, women’s here). That doesn’t make them the cheapest cosplay outfits around, but since Pokémon GO is a free-to-play title, there should be at least a couple of fans with some extra cash to spend on these themed threads.

Source: Hachima Kiko
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