Full length poncho turns rainy days into magical fairytales.

As Japan heads into the June rainy season, people are now pulling out their umbrellas and ponchos for the daily commute. But just because the days are dreary, it doesn’t mean your outfit has to be, and Japanese retail chain Village Vanguard has the perfect raincoat to brighten the season.

Called the Snow White Poncho Style Raincoat, this new item of clothing is perfect for cosplayers and lovers of fairytales. Designed to look like Snow White’s blue-and-white pinafore, the unique poncho comes with a number of gorgeous details.

The zip-up coat looks more like a dress than a raincoat, with a pretty frilled hem, lace embellishments and red bows on each arm.  

Instead of a red headband, the coat comes with a red hood, which is also beautifully designed with lace details and a side bow. 

All you have to add is a pair of black boots and you’re ready to face the rain like a magical fairytale character. Poisonous red apples optional.

The Snow White Poncho Style Raincoat is definitely one of the most unique and stylish ways to stay dry this season. However, the cost of dressing like a fairytale character doesn’t come cheap, as each coat is priced at 15,098 yen (US$139.11).

If you have money to splurge, and are able to resist all the other adorable cosplay costumes from Village Vanguard, the raincoat can currently be pre-ordered online, with deliveries scheduled for mid-to-late July.

Source, images: PR Times
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