Buck tradition and enforce your own set of rules by cosplaying indoors in a cute and comfy one-piece officer outfit.

Just over a month ago, we discovered an unusual type of loungewear modelled on the red-and-white traditional outfits worn by Japanese shrine maidens. Mocolle, the creators of the garment, are continuing to spread the love of indoor cosplay with yet another unique outfit, this time using the light blue and navy uniforms worn by Japanese police officers as its inspiration.

▼ Modelling the costume for the company is popular Japanese cosplayer Ennui Tofu.


As they did last time with their shrine maiden outfit, Mocolle is offering the police officer loungewear through Japanese crowdfunding site Campfire. With their previous campaign receiving a mind-blowing 2,324,000 yen (US$22,386) in funding, which was 232 percent of their target goal, the company has high hopes for their latest costume, which features gold buttons, a sleeve insignia and a blue-and-white armband on the right arm. For ultimate comfort, the outfit is soft to touch and comes as a one-piece dress with plenty of room to move about in.


According to the company, the idea for the police officer loungewear came about after they contemplated the solitude of solo living. They decided on an easy way to instil a sense of safety and security in the home: by dressing people up as cute police enforcement officers.


In order to reach their target goal of 1,000,000 yen (US$9,642), Mocolle is offering a number of early-bird discounts to supporters, who can purchase one or more outfits for less than the planned 7,000 yen (US$67.50) retail price.


While the Mocolle crowdfunding page on the Campfire website requires a Japanese address for donations, the popularity of their past release gives us hope that they’ll be expanding their range and delivery options soon. Costume loungewear modelled on uniforms and traditional outfits is perfect for shy cosplayers and people wanting cute and comfortable outfits to wear around the home!

Source: Kai-You
Images: Campfire/mocolle