Guess who wants to play a lot of Pokémon GO in August.

This adorable family of five has delighted Internet users with their monthly meetings where they check to see if they’ve accomplished the goals laid out at the previous meeting and set new ones for the following month. Diligent father Mohikan’s goal has always been good for a laugh because it’s always the same each and every month: keeping his eyes on the road while driving. So how did each of the family members do in July and what will their goals be for August?

Daughter Nagomi has continued in her role as secretary, diligently keeping minutes for this monthly meeting as well. The following are their goals for July and the results.

Papa          ➤     Keep eyes on road while driving (neither success nor failure)
Mama        ➤     Talk with a Sri Lankan if she meets one (success)
Nagomi      ➤     Finish summer homework by the middle of July (underestimated)
Kazutoyo   ➤      Take care of something living  (success)
Granny      ➤      Master the game Mushiking: The King of Beetles (success)

We have to say, we are pretty curious as to why every month Mohikan has the exact same goal as well as why in the world he’s never fully successful at it. Is it perhaps one of those goals that has no end in sight and thus can’t be rated a success? Mama surprisingly met and talked with a Sri Lankan, which seemed like a pretty specific goal. Maybe she had a particular Sri Lankan in mind when they wrote it down last month. Poor Nagomi underestimated the extent of her summer homework, so she’s likely still working on it now. Kazutoyo must have been given or caught a creature of some sort and since the result was a success, we can assume that it’s currently still alive. Speaking of being “still alive”, Granny has successfully mastered a combination arcade and collectible card game. A pretty good month for someone who was just surviving day-to-day a couple of months ago!

▼ A chronicle of Granny’s entry into the Mushiking world.

A new month needs fresh goals, so on to August!

Papa         ➤      Keep eyes on road while driving
Mama       ➤      Download Hijikata Toshizo
Nagomi     ➤      Increase concentration power
Kazutoyo  ➤      Put toys back in Kazutoyo’s area
Granny     ➤      Become a Gym Master

Become a Gym Master? Granny, are you into Pokémon GO as well?!? Yes, that is exactly the case — @mohikan1974 also tweeted a video of Granny playing Pokémon GO and it’s delightlful!

▼ Though it looks like she might think it’s called Bakémon GO

And apparently Mohikan’s wife is also into games this month as her goal is to acquire Hijikata Toshizo from the game called Ikemen Bakuhatsu. This smartphone app let’s players interact with good-looking men from the end of the Edo era.

▼ Hijikata Toshizo is the second dream boat introduced.

The final item discussed at the meeting was Kazutoya’s imminent entrance into elementary school! It seems that grandma will be responsible for purchasing his school bag and he’ll be getting a desk as well. With their meeting complete, we feel like we should all be a little more like this family and set some monthly goals. Our goal for August — to be as entertaining as this family is every time they share their meeting minutes!

Source: BUZZmag
Top image: Twitter/@mohikan1974