Tokyo’s latest plan to boost birth rate: Pay people 100,000 yen per baby they give birth to

Critics are already calling the idea shortsighted.

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Words of wisdom to live by from a simple Japanese father for Coming of Age Day

Our writer received a heartfelt message from his father on his Coming of Age Day 23 years ago which he would now like to share with you.

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Three-year-old Japanese girl loves Grand Theft Auto, dad says it’s a great game for kids

Don’t hate the game just because of what most players do.

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Japanese kid asks if Santa is real, gets a detailed, heartwarming response

One person can’t deliver presents to all the kids of the world, but maybe that’s not a sad thing after all.

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We piss our pants over and over to find the most comfortable Japanese baby diaper to pee in

SoraNews24’s newest daddy launches into warm, wet research for the sake of his daughter.

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Japanese son tells parents he wants to quit his job, they give the best possible response

Mom and Dad buck conventional Japanese wisdom when their kid says he’s had enough of his job.

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Japanese mom praises hard-studying teenage son…for his Pokémon notes?!?

Scholarly approach makes it look like he’s been hitting the books, but really he’s just trying to catch ‘em all.

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Survey shows that Japanese couples are trying to conceive earlier

Childbirth rates in Japan may be low, but couples are getting started earlier than before.

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Japanese dad opens bar inside his house just for him and his kid【Videos】

Parent and child bond over oden, all-age drinks.

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Parenting while teleworking — a day in the life of a Japanese father in the midst of COVID-19

A rare peek behind the scenes for one SoraNews24 reporter. Read More

Japanese prefectural government passes video game ban limiting kids’ daily play, smartphone time

Oh, but of course they’re allowed to continue studying until any time of night.

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Four things our new-mother reporter felt riding the Tokyo subway with her baby

Our reporter worried she and her baby would be harassed on the trains, but what she experienced was quite unexpected.

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Vending machines in Japan are now selling disposable diapers

New installations will provide welcome relief for families with young children while on the road. 
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Survey reveals 70 percent of Japanese adults believe corporal punishment is necessary

In light of an upcoming law, this survey sought adults’ attitudes towards broad topics related to disciplining children and child abuse.

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Japanese man’s son claps back to his lecture about too much YouTube time, starts media debate

You can count on kids to be brutally honest, especially when the honor of their favorite online videos is at stake.

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Japanese mother creates life-size cardboard cutout of herself to soothe her child 【Pics & Video】

Parents can and will go to great lengths to get some shred of (quiet) privacy.

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Japanese gamer mom wants kids to unlock the achievement of beating a game without Internet guides

OK kids, did you remember to finish your homework, brush your teeth, and smash every pot in the village?

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Sending naughty kids to bed without dinner may soon be illegal in Japan

Guidelines from ministry say “any corporal punishment, no matter how light, is prohibited.”

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Distressed moms and dads on Japanese trains getting help from child assistance volunteer badges

In a country where asking for, and even offering, help can be culturally difficult, these kindhearted badges aim to make a difference.

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Mother smacks child for riding bike in front of oncoming car, debate ensues【Video】

Japanese netizens both condemn and praise this mother for her actions.

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