Japanese police officer pursues, pulls over Lamborghini supercar…while on a bicycle【Video】

573 Italian horsepower vs. two legs of a Japanese cop.

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From bad to worse: Japanese driver hits car, sends it flying into Ferrari/Lamborghini showroom

Should we call this crazy accident a pileup or a pile-in?

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The Damborghini: A Lamborghini made entirely from cardboard

What do you do when you want a Lamborghini but can’t afford one? You make one out of cardboard!

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Lamborghini Murcielago was such a hot ride it burned to death on the Tokyo expressway

With Tokyo’s extremely efficient public transportation system, there really isn’t much need to ever drive anywhere in downtown. Still, if you’re the owner of a sweet sports car, we imagine you’d be itching to take it out for a spin whenever you get the chance, especially on a day like last Sunday, when the city was blessed with perfect driving weather. The skies were clear, the humidity was remarkably low for a Japanese summer, and the temperature was pleasingly warm.

Things got a little too hot for the driver of one Lamborghini, though, whose exotic Italian car went up in flames on the Tokyo expressway.

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