No Photoshopping or camera manipulation needed in this ingeniously creative idea.

We’ve seen a lot of cool (and hilarious) cosplay ideas before, but never one quite this clever. One cosplayer at the recent Comiket 90 took their flying-broom cosplay to another level… literally!

“Even when I saw it in person, I did a double take. This is amazing.”

Did you see the trick? This cosplayer (known as @TommyTeitoku on Twitter) used a special prop to achieve the effect: a transparent box.

Take a look at another photo from a different angle to see if you can spot the box:

▼ It’s pretty tough to see, even when you know to look for it.
Hats off to this cool idea!

The cosplay was so popular, they tweeted about how they did it:

“There were a lot of people who wanted to know how I did my Flying Witch cosplay at Comiket, so here it is! I was on top of a five millimeter thick acrylic glass box.”

“Depending on the angle, the shadow can make it look like it’s floating. I have small feet so a small box worked, but a bigger one could make anyone into a flying witch! Be careful balancing or you might really go flying.”

That is a really simple idea that could make for some great shots. Here’s what Japanese netizens thought:

“Whoa! What is going on here?!”
“For a second I thought it was a real witch.”
“This is a breakthrough in cosplay technology.”
“Good practical effect.”
“I gotta get me one of those flying boxes.”

Of course, this isn’t the first case of using props and angles to achieve cool cosplay shots. Be sure to check out some other “cosplay ideals vs. reality” where you can see that the final shot could end up completely different if you just move a little to the side.

Source: Twitter/@ksk_Johan via cupo
Featured image: Twitter/@ksk_Johan