We’re more than a tad disappointed we’ll never be able to catch these fusion versions in any of the games.

In the past, we’ve seen cosplay inspired by Pokémon fused with other games, but it turns out that there’s a whole other world of fan art featuring Pokémon fused with other Pokémon, too.

Artist and Twitter user Nintendobratkat has been making these Pokémon combos since 2014, and at one time had the goal of fusing Pikachu with all 150 original anime characters. The task proved a bit too tedious, however, and she decided it would be more worthwhile to devote her time to taking requests instead.

Just take a look at these cute combinations, and you’ll see just why she’s gotten so many points on popular image sharing site Imgur.

She’s even created some cool evolution fusions, like:

▼ Bulbachu → Ivychu → Venachu

▼ Charchu → Pikameleon → Pikaizard

Things get a little crazy with three-in-one fusions like these:

Quite a few more can be found in her full gallery, which is available here.

You may be surprised to find learn that Pokémon fusions are so popular that they have their own subreddit, and there’s even a market for making Pokémon fusion plush dolls on Etsy and other sites.

Tentaish (Tentacruel + Oddish) Fusion Plush on Etsy, by theBlackLory


Considering that there are over 720 official Pokémon now, I would imagine many of the animators are exhausted from coming up with new original character designs. In the future, Pokémon fusions could be just the breath of fresh air needed to keep the franchise going.

By the way, if you’re interested in asking Nintendobratkat to draw any fusion ideas you may have, you can reach her on Imgur or DeviantArt.

Source and featured image: Imgur/nintendobratkat
Insert images: Etsy/theBlackLory