The unaccompanied kitten is winning hearts for looking just like Jiji, the cat from Kiki’s Delivery Service, out on a magical errand.

Whether they’re sleeping on their backs or having conversations with their owners, cats acting like humans have a unique way of melting our hearts. Now there’s an adorable little black kitten that’s attracting attention after it was caught on camera walking the aisles of a Japanese convenience store like a customer, and even lining up at the register at the front of the store.

The charming little kitten caught the eye of a two-legged customer, @bocchi0329, who posted the above photo on Twitter, saying “When I went to the register to pay, the customer in front of me was a kitten. I wonder if it had been asked to come here on an errand?” Fellow Twitter users chimed in with reasons for the cat’s appearance in the Lawson convenience store, along with some adorable comments.

“This must be a Kuroneko (Black Cat) Yamato delivery employee coming to pick up parcels like they do at all Lawson stores!”
“It’s so adorable! I want to take it home!”
“It probably walked in because of the smell of food,  now that convenience stores use fryers to make food like chicken.”
“Black cats are a good omen, so everything it walks by is magically made more delicious!”
“It’s Jiji, the black cat from Ghibli’s
Kiki’s Delivery Service, out to get some provisions for their bakery.”

As further proof that this could actually be Jiji, the magical anime cat, come to life, the tiny kitten was also pictured browsing in the bread aisle of the store.

According to the Twitter user who took the photos, the little kitten is one of many stray cats in the area. This one looked well-fed and unafraid of its surroundings, and it left as magically as it had entered, by simply going up to the automatic doors and then walking out through them. After that, it probably snuck around the corner to meet up with Kiki, who must’ve been waiting to whisk them away on her magical broomstick!

Source: Hamusoku
Top Image: Twitter/@bocchi0329