One artist takes Dungeons & Dragons battle armor to the next level with her playful Eevee class evolution designs, and cosplayers are taking notes.

For over 40 years, Dungeons & Dragons has captured the imagination of fantasy gamers and continued to evolve, even branching out into other fandoms through fan-created stories, fan art, and gameplay tweaks.

One of the currently most popular D&D crossovers throws your favorite Pokémon characters into the game, with a wealth of information online on how to become the next Pokémon Dungeon Master.

But why stop there? Artist and cosplayer Sunset Dragon shows us how to proudly incorporate your Pocket Monster love into character battle armor with her Eevee evolution designs.


And here’s one for the guys, courtesy of Belgian cosplayer Grumpy Old Bastard:

A number of cosplayers are already rushing to add these Eevee-inspired designs to their costume sets, not to mention crossover designs based on other popular series, like the epic Sailor Moon and Disney Princess battle armor that went viral before.


Pretty badass, right?

Later this year, when the Record of Lodoss War MMORPG gets its release, we hope to see a few designs from the series added to the mix as well.

Source: Facebook/Grumpy Old Bastard CreationsFacebook/Sunset Dragon, Facebook/Phaleure Cosplay via Kotaku Japan
Feature/top image: Facebook/Sunset Dragon
Insert images: DeviantArt/SpiritRising7Facebook/Sunset Dragon, edited by RocketNews24