“Edo-kiriko” glasses from Starbucks are gorgeous — but also way too expensive. So we got to wondering: Can you get similar gorgeous designs for more reasonable prices?

Earlier this month, we got a look at the new Edo-kiriko glasses from Starbucks — these surprisingly pretty items are ice coffee glasses made with original Edo-kiriko glass in the design of a plastic Starbucks cup. It even has the markings on the side of the glass where your friendly Starbucks staff marks your drink order and writes your name with a black marker pen.

▼ The Edo-kiriko Starbucks glass even comes with a wooden box

While Edo-kiriko glassware is usually red or blue, this ice coffee glass is made with the world-famous Starbucks green — and only three glasses are made each day. So, as you might have guessed from the limited production, the glasses don’t come cheap. In fact, one of the coffee chain’s glasses will run you 35,000 yen (US$349)!

Many of our readers (and writers!) thought the Edo-kiriko glassware looked stunning — and it’s not surprising, since “Edo-kiriko”, or cut glass, is a traditional Japanese method of glass making where colors and patterns are cut into the glass. The method of Edo-kiriko is said to have been founded by Kagaya Kyubei in 1834 in Odenmacho, Edo. (Tokyo is now the modern name for Edo.) Nevertheless, none of us were willing to spend that much money on a single glass.

Fortunately, you can get still get Edo-kiriko glassware without devastating you wallet! For example, here is some other cool Edo-kiriko glassware that you can purchase on Amazon.

▼ These Edo-kiriko Old Fashioned Glasses will only set you back $150.


▼ And this 5 piece sake cup set is even less expensive at $60.


▼ Though still pricey, this Edo-kiriko sake glass
is half the price of the Starbucks version.


▼ And this gorgeous Edo-kiriko sake cup is available for 7,560 yen (US$73).


So, if you were wowed by the Edo-kiriko glass from Starbucks but you still want to buy groceries this month, you can instead spring for one of these other beautiful creations. Of course, if you’re a die-hard Starbucks fan you may not mind dropping all that cash for the their ice coffee Edo-kiriko glass. But you may still want to save up for a few weeks before making your purchase!

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Images: Amazon (1, 2, 3), Amazon Japan