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We’ve always loved the jewelry from Takayas, and this customer-commissioned ring based on the Oathkeeper Keyblade from Kindgom Hearts is definitely no exception.

This isn’t the first or even the second time we’ve featured custom items from Takayas on our pages. The ikebana artist turned jewelry aficionado has dazzled us with his take on Star Wars and Legend of Zelda engagement rings already, so we knew that whatever came next would be as equally dazzling.

▼ Yep, we want it!

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Inspired by the Disney and Square Enix crossover game, Kingdom Hearts, this gorgeous ring combines features of one of the iconic weapons with the classic element of an engagement ring—a beautiful, shiny gem—in the center. This was a custom job, but the only request the customer had was to have a “heart-shaped center stone surrounded by two Keyblades”. That meant Takayas could decide which Keyblade would get her to say, “Yes!”

▼ Obviously you have to go with Oathkeeper. It’s the symbol of Sora and Kairi’s bond.

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After considering Keyblades such as Lady Luck or Three Wishes, Takayas settled on the Oathkeeper, but that meant the daunting task of turning one of the most detailed and sophisticated weapons into an elegant and beautiful ring. The band is crafted out of 14K white gold and the detailing surrounding the gem is made from 14K yellow gold. There isn’t a lot of room on a ring so Takayas decided to use the front of the band to represent the hilt and the back of the band to represent the blade.

▼ Computerized image from the underside of the ring.

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▼ It’s absolutely stunning!

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A truly masterful ring from a one-of-a-kind jewelry designer. The customer’s proposal was accepted (how could it not be with a ring like this!) and the happy couple know exactly what they are in for: an eternal oath that can never be broken. Takayas is also making the wedding band, so stay tuned for that epic reveal later in the year.

Source & Images: Takayas Custom Jewelry Blog (Top Image edited by RocketNews24)