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When mom won’t quit with the marriage nagging, desperate action must be taken.

China’s “rental boyfriend” online services are booming. They offer women who are pestered by their parents to get married a way to satiate them for a few hours by spending money, instead of time, finding a significant other.

When we’ve looked at the rental boyfriend services before, it was usually through Chinese comedians making fun of the whole process, or just prices and statistics. But what about the human side? What’s it really like bringing a rental boyfriend home to your parents?

Online news channel AJ+ recently did an investigation into just that, following one woman named Li Chenxi as she rents a boyfriend to bring to her parents’ home for Chinese New Year. Watch the full video here and scroll down for highlights:

▼The first part of the process: finding a suitable fake boyfriend.
There’s so many choices it can be overwhelming.

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▼Prices vary as well, though it’s probably well worth it for the women who just
want to enjoy a holiday at home without their parents breaking into tears.

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Sheng nu (“leftover woman”) is an unmarried woman over the age of 27.
For most other countries, that’s about the age to start thinking about marriage.

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▼Li Chenxi meets with Sean. The two of them have a lot to work out before
meeting the parents, such as having him lie that he’s 27 instead of 24.

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▼ Then there’s also the problem of coming up with an alibi for why she hasn’t
told her parents about him. Is this really less stressful than the alternative?

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How will Li Chenxi’s “date” with Sean go at her parents’ house? Watch the video to find out! We won’t spoil the ending, but we will say that if you’re thinking about renting a boyfriend yourself, perhaps it’d be best to go with one who isn’t quite so dreamy.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in renting a dude but don’t have any nagging parents to pacify, we recommend checking out renting a Japanese old man to give fashion and life advice, or a hot guy who will make you cry and then wipe your tears away.

Source: Facebook/AJ+ via YOMYOMF
Featured/top image: Facebook/AJ+