One 7-Eleven in Tokyo is advertising their seasonal products in a clever and hilarious way!

As Japan finally starts to cool down from the summer swelter, 7-Eleven is getting a jump on the chilly-weather food that everyone loves: oden. You can enjoy any or all varieties of sweet and savory ingredients soaked in delicious broth for much cheaper that you’d think. (If this is your first time hearing about oden, you should read our diner’s guide to oden!)

I will admit that, living in Tokyo (which is still pretty hot and humid), I can’t even look at oden until I’m at least wearing a sweater. But that’s not stopping this 7-Eleven located in Tokyo’s Koganei City from pushing this plentiful product in a decidedly standout way.

▼ “Excuse me, is that a bag on your head?”
“Um, no, it’s deep-fried tofu.”

Meet the head of 7-Eleven in Musashikoganei. He’s dressed as mochi kinchaku (餅巾着), or a sticky mochi rice cake tucked inside a “purse” of deep-fried tofu. This simple but recognizable costume was created to promote 7-Eleven’s currently ongoing oden sale.

This particular 7-Eleven is crazy about oden. It’s the same 7-Eleven that proposed an alternative logo for the 2020 Olympics using an array of oden ingredients. It was later retracted for its close resemblance to the original logo (which was also retracted…).

▼ It seems he’s also featured in Pokémon GO now.

We’re not sure whether or not the creative costume has boosted oden sales, but we know a lot of people in Japan have gotten a kick out of it so far.

The owner of this 7-Eleven may have a great sense of humor, but he’s also a softie at heart. This is an oden art exhibit hanging in the store created by local elementary school students.

Are you amped up for oden season yet? We hope this audacious advertisement made you hungry – or at the very least, made you laugh. It could make for an appetizing Halloween costume as well!

Sources: netgeek
Images: Twitter/711musako2, RocketNews24