Japanese oden maker revolutionises the way we eat at home…with a few adjustments

New kitchen gadget lets you live out your 7-Eleven oden dreams at home. 

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Sukiyaki, soba, oden, and other Japanese comfort foods…for your pet cat or dog?!?

Special for-animal versions of traditional Japanese cuisine favorites might have you wanting to try a bite too.

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It’s a boozy bare-bones senbero from OK discount store!【Japan’s Best Home Senbero】

And this time it’s personal.

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Shopping at Japanese convenience store Lawson? Don’t forget to take a cooking pot with you!

New Oden Pot Discount is good for the environment and your wallet.

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An at-work, on-the-desk oden maker is exactly the office morale booster we need

Actually, we think we need one at home too.

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We build a miniature Japanese oden stall with gorgeous results

The amount of detail in this little yatai food cart will instantly transport you to the streets of Japan.

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Even easier than instant ramen, microwavable oden gives you Japanese winter comfort food ASAP

Taking the time and hassle out of preparing the simmered variety dish.

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Japanese dad opens bar inside his house just for him and his kid【Videos】

Parent and child bond over oden, all-age drinks.

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We make one of Japan’s best breakfast treats: Himeji almond toast【SoraKitchen】

Get a taste of Hyogo’s Himeji City from the comfort of your very own home.

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Treat yo self with new bath powder that makes your tub smell like a bowl of oden

Why take a trip to the convenience store when you’ve got the tools for self-love right at home?

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European YouTuber tries all of the food on the counter in Japanese 7-Eleven, loves it all

Travel and food vlogger Raphael Gomes had no idea what he was eating, but he enjoyed almost every bite!

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We visited an oden store in Shinbashi frequented by the late Kim Jong-nam

Oden tastes best when simmered in flavorful history.

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Unlimited kushiage skewers, stewed oden, and booze at this Tokyo restaurant for under 20 bucks

Come for the fried food and alcohol, stay for the traditional Japanese winter comfort cuisine.

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Tokyo 7-Eleven employee dresses up as oden with hilarious results

One 7-Eleven in Tokyo is advertising their seasonal products in a clever and hilarious way!

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7-Eleven issues statement over the discontinued Olympic emblem, and their oden

With the Tokyo Olympic Committee (TOC) officially cutting ties with Kenjiro Sano’s much maligned emblem, one obvious question is on everyone’s lips: What does this mean for that oden poster made by the 7-Eleven in Musashikoganei, Tokyo?

Some of you may recall that this particular franchise had made a poster promoting their oden sale which bore a striking resemblance to the former Olympic emblem. After a request was made to the TOC, they had denied the poster’s commercial use and likeness to their intellectual property. However, now that the emblem will no longer be used, is the poster back in play?

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7-Eleven oden ad refused by Tokyo Olympic Committee due to similarity to their logo

The dispute over the emblem for the 2020 Olympic games and its alleged plagiarism continues to simmer in Japan people are still suggesting alternatives to what are currently the most beleaguered geometric shapes in the world.

And then there are those who are embracing the still official emblem for what it is. Convenience store chain 7-Eleven is one such proponent. One franchise in Musashikoganei created a homage out of the delicious Japanese stewed food known as oden for a promotional posted to be hung in their store.

However, the Tokyo Olympic Committee politely refused use of the poster saying that the placement of foodstuffs infringed on the likeness of their emblem which is currently being accused of infringing on another logo.

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This rice omelet, grilled eel, oden, and fried pork are actually cakes! We try them all

We previously ran an article about Maplies, a bakery in Shinjuku that excels in the art of making cake look exactly like Chinese food, namely gyoza, ramen (salt or soy sauce), and tenshindon.

About a year has past since then and our reporter Mr. Sato had a sudden hankering for some cake that looked like egg, crab meat, and rice. He headed down to Maplies only to be shocked at what he found. The bakery had added a whole new assortment of cakes that look exactly like other foods!

Needless to say he bought one of each and brought them back to the office for a taste of pure confusion.

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Rice cooker oden: Quick, cheap, and delicious

Between rising sales tax and the dropping value of the yen, prices are on the rise for food in Japan. That puts us in a bit of a bind, since food is one of our favorite things to buy, along with swell stuff like shelter and clothing (although if you’re a work-from-home Internet writer, you can sometimes get away without that last one).

Thankfully, we recently found a way to make a delicious, hot meal that’s also dirt cheap, by tossing the stewed vegetable contents of a pack of oden from 7-Eleven into our rice cooker.

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A diner’s guide to oden: Japan’s weird-looking, super-popular winter dish

When it comes to Japanese food, everyone and their grandmother knows the classics like sushi, noodles and tempura. But one food that always takes visitors to Japan by surprise, and which has just this month started showing up in convenience stores again, is oden. Rarely seen outside of Japan, many of the ingredients in this incredible savoury pick ‘n’ mix look almost alien to non-Japanese eyes, and so visitors are often wary of trying it for themselves.

With this in mind, today we’d like to introduce you to a handful of typicaloden ingredients, teaching you their names and telling you a little bit about each of them, so that the next time you pass a food cart or duck into a conbini and get a waft of that unmistakable aroma, you won’t be afraid to order some for yourself.

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Oden best-sellers at Japan’s top convenience stores

As the temperatures gradually sink into a chilly winter, convenience stores all across this great nation start to kick their oden pots into high gear. For those unacquainted with this Japanese dish, oden is basically any type of food soaked and simmered in a flavorful broth. The type of soup used varies by regions but is usually very savory.

Although not the only place to get oden, convenience stores are thought of as the first place to get it. That’s why Japan’s three biggest convenience stores – 7-Eleven, Family Mart, and Lawson – are all competing to find that perfect ingredient to simmer and sell to the hungry masses.

To help kick-off this year’s oden season in Japan, Excite News has released the five most popular oden foods at each of the big three stores. First up is Lawson!

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