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Does that beautiful breakfast look like it came from the kitchen of a high-class ryokan inn or loving Japanese family? Guess again – it’s all from 7-Eleven!

We really can’t overstate how awesome Japanese convenience stores are. Sure, they can provide you with all of the candy, beer, and potato chips you’d expect, but they’re also stocked with tasty sandwiches, rice balls, and bento boxed lunches, making them a great place to pick up a reasonably priced midday meal.

But we wondered what sort of breakfast we could put together at our local 7-Eleven. And when we say “breakfast,” we’re not talking about a donut and a pack of orange juice (although you can get those at 7-Eleven, too). We wanted a traditional, multi-dish Japanese breakfast!

After a quick shopping trip, we were back home with no less than seven 7-Eleven-sourced breakfast foodstuffs, all part of the chain’s proprietary Seven Premium store brand.

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This being a Japanese meal, we of course needed white rice, which came in a microwavable container for 132 yen (US$1.10), after tax.

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Grilled salmon (330 yen) is another Japanese breakfast staple that 7-Eleven sells.

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Instead of scrambled eggs, many Japanese people start their day off with tamagoyaki (100 yen), a sort of sweet, thick omelet.

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For veggies, we had stewed hijiki (121 yen), which is a type of sea vegetable) and nukazuke pickles (173 yen).

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Next, a little miso soup with tofu (95 yen) to warm us up.

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And finally, natto (78 yen for a triple pacl), a.k.a fermented soybeans, the expert-level course of Japanese cuisine.

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So how does all of this look out of the packaging and on the plate?

Absolutely gorgeous!

▼ Tamagoyaki

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SB 11

SB 12

▼ Hijiki

SB 13

SB 14

▼ Natto, pre-swirling…

SB 15

▼ …and post.

SB 16

▼ Nukazuke

SB 17

SB 18

And yes, everything tasted as good as it looked.

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So remember, should you find yourself feeling thirsty at the end of a long, hard day, when you head to 7-Eleve to grab a six-pack, don’t forget to pick up breakfast while you’re at it.

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