How would you like to bite into a flaky pie filled with peach goodness?

That’s right, in addition to their standard apple pie, McDonald’s Japan has offered seasonal triangle-shaped pies (sankaku pai) in different flavors such as Chocolate and Hokkaido Milk over the years, and this time they’ve cooked up a sweet fruit-flavored snack. Their new creation uses the white peaches highly coveted in Japan, so it’s sure to delight fruit lovers.


The “Triangle Peach Cream Pie” is filled with a light pink cream made entirely with the Hakuho variety peach grown in Wakayama Prefecture in the Kansai Region of Japan’s main island. Hakuho is one of the most popular peach varieties in Japan, and Wakayama Prefecture is also a well-known peach producing area, so it certainly sounds like they’ve chosen the main pie ingredient well. Plus, the flaky texture of the pie and the smooth, subtly sweet peach cream should make for a highly enjoyable combination.


The Triangle Peach Cream Pie is priced at 120 yen (US$1.17) and will be available at McDonald’s stores across Japan until early October.  If you’re going to be in Japan this coming month, it looks like this could be a tantalizing (and affordable) snack or dessert.

▼ We’ll leave you with a video of the commercial for the pie. Enjoy!

Source: McDonald’s Japan news release
Top image: McDonald’s Japan website special campaign page
Insert images: YouTube/ McDonald’s Japan channel, McDonald’s Japan news release