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Canadian reporter’s love for 7-Eleven steals the show at Tokyo Olympics

Feel-good story about a Japanese convenience store becomes one of the most unexpected surprises at the Olympics.

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Convenience store Mini Stop’s new Gyoza Dog is must-try for all Gyoza fans! 【Taste test】

With all the flavors of a pot sticker in the perfect portion size, you can’t go wrong with the Gyoza Dog!

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The Ultimate Battle for Ham Sandwich Supremacy – we rank Japan’s convenience store sandwiches

Who will take the crown in the battle for the top?

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Fake eggs are being used in Japanese convenience store bentos

Customer’s investigation leads to a discovery that’s shocked people around Japan.

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We bought a Rilakkuma custard pudding cake and found out what a carefree bear tastes like

Sweet, fluffy and a little chewy, apparently.

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We ate “pizza-buns” from four different Japanese convenience stores to find which reigns supreme

There can only be bun.

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European YouTuber tries all of the food on the counter in Japanese 7-Eleven, loves it all

Travel and food vlogger Raphael Gomes had no idea what he was eating, but he enjoyed almost every bite!

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7-Eleven’s reverse-colored watermelon popsicle might be the crazy snack we all need this summer

Turns out that the old switcheroo is also a good way to beat the summer heat.

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7-Eleven store resorts to cute illustration and heartfelt message to help sell excess pasta

Honesty, sincerity, and a bit of creativity can go a long way in solving mistakes.

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Bizarre or brilliant? Takoyaki and okonomiyaki rice balls available in convenience stores now

New Japanese snacks lets you enjoy the spiritual food of Osaka with onigiri.

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7-Eleven Japan’s frozen hot biscuits are so good, they might make pancakes obsolete!

We try the new frozen hot biscuits from 7-Eleven and end up seriously impressed.

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Limited-time Yo-kai Watch steamed buns would be cute… if their faces weren’t melting off

“It’s like cutting up a monster and spilling its dark blood.” -Mr. Sato

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Tokyo 7-Eleven employee dresses up as oden with hilarious results

One 7-Eleven in Tokyo is advertising their seasonal products in a clever and hilarious way!

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We taste-tested 10 convenience store roll cakes for Roll Cake Day!

June 6 was Roll Cake Day in Japan, and while we’ve never needed an excuse to stuff ourselves full of cake, we took full advantage of the occasion anyway by sampling TEN convenience store roll cakes!

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Taiwan’s convenience store bags prevent bento turning sideways, solve all spillage problems

We’ve all been there. You run down to the convenience store during your lunch break, buy a delicious bento box, then dash back up to the office lunchroom, anxious to indulge in your cheap yet hearty meal. But then you open it up only to discover that you’ve been carrying it sideways the whole time, and everything has spilled over to one side, causing a jumbled, mixed-up mess.

It appears as though Taiwan has found the answer to this catastrophic problem: bags that make it impossible for a bento lunch to turn sideways, or any other direction that would spoil its deliciousness. How does it work? Watch the video and prepare to be amazed.

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The defrosted reality of 24 frozen meals at Thai 7-Elevens [Photos]

The frozen food section at the local convenience store may not hold any lofty culinary treasures, but it does hold the key to saving time and energy after a long day. All around the world, people value frozen foods for their convenience and, sometimes, their deliciousness.

But can you really trust the picture on the front of the package to be what comes out of the microwave? One Thai netizen went on a quest to demystify the frozen food section of Thailand’s 7-Elevens and posted photos of 24 heated up meals to see how they compared to people’s expectations.

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5 reasons Japanese convenience stores rock

You have probably noticed that we here at RocketNews24 are huge fans of Japanese convenience stores. And if you have ever lived in or visited Japan, odds are you too came to love these amazing places. But what exactly makes Japanese convenience stores so different and special compared to those overseas? Click below to see five reasons why we think these “conbini” totally live up to the hype! 

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Too lazy to cook? Try these new ready-made meals from Japanese convenience stores!

If you are hungry, Japanese convenience stores are beautiful places that have pretty much everything your heart could desire, from a quick on-the-go snack to a yummy summertime ice cream treat. And some of the best things they offer are ready-made meals like curry and rice, pasta or ramen. These ready-made meals can be like a gift from heaven on a busy day when you don’t have time to cook and need to take a break from frozen food.

But did you know that many convenience stores in Japan put out a new ready-made meal every Tuesday? Since you may find it hard to stake out every convenience store, we sent our reporters to try out some new meals. Click below to see the six that they recommended!

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The Super Rice Ball – get four flavors in one ball!

If you’ve lived in Japan, you know that we Japanese love our rice balls, or omusubi as they’re called in Japanese. At every convenience store in Japan, you can find rice balls in every flavor imaginable, from the standard grilled salmon flake omusubi  to more quirky flavors like tempura shrimp or bacon and cheese. But the variety can sometimes make it difficult to choose a flavor from all the options. Well now, you won’t have to settle for just one flavor. Read More