151 Pokémon to catch in a ball, one shot to rule them all.

Maybe this whole Pokémon GO thing is just a fad, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still cool stuff going on in the game. Niantic’s recent update included the new buddy system where players can set a Pokémon to be their walking buddy. As users take their daily Poké-walks, your buddy will happily give you relevant candy so you can forge a deeper bond together. There’s even a special treat for Pikachu fans, if you walk for 10 kilometers with Pikachu set as your buddy, you’ll get this neat, but cosmetic, Easter egg.

This isn’t the most amazing thing that you can do with a Pikachu in-game though. Credit for that goes to @maggyshinji who had the awesome opportunity to snap a picture of real-life Satoshi with his lifelong buddy.

▼ Here is the original tweet so you can see the pictures better if you click on them.

Fans of the Japanese version of the Pokémon TV series will easily recognize Rica Matsumoto, the voice actor for Satoshi (Ash Ketchum in the Western version). This picture taken from inside the game shows Matsumoto fortuitously standing next to a wild Pikachu! The world couldn’t have asked for a more perfect photo.

We hope comedian/magician @maggyshinji will one day run into Misty and Brock’s voice actors, Kasumi and Takeshi in the original Japanese, and get them to pose beside a Staryu and an Onix!

Source: Byokan SUNDAY
Featured image: Twitter/@maggyshinji