This cat treats its human like a personal body pillow and the results are absolutely charming!

Meet Hoippu, the adorable cat who’s named after whipped cream, with a beautifully speckled cream-coloured furry coat, and a penchant for using its owner’s lap and appendages as personal body pillows. This was Hoippu one year ago, showing her incredible potential for turning into a snuggly lap cat…


And this is the sweet kitty now, who’s become so comfortable with her owner that she doesn’t think twice about lying back, spread-eagled, as they watch TV together.


Hoippu’s owner shared photos of the cat chilling out on her lap in the strange pose, which is known as the “Comaneci” in Japan as it’s said to look like a pose by Romanian gymnast Nadia Elena Comăneci, and since it appeared on Twitter, it’s been liked and retweeted thousands of times.

Japanese Twitter users have been charmed by the hilarious cat, leaving her a number of adoring comments.

“I wish I had a cat like this!”
“Awww…Hoippu, you’re too cute!”
“She looks like a weightlifter!”
“Thanks for this – it’s been making me smile all day!”
“Only a cat like this can make an un-ladylike pose look charming!”

It’s not the first time for Hoippu to melt hearts on the Internet, having appeared in media reports in Japan before for her adorable poses that get shared thousands of times online. One of her favourite pastimes is watching TV while bundled up with her warm human.


▼ And the way she does it is unbearably cute!




▼ Whatever they’re doing though, Hoippu is happiest when they’re snuggling together!





There are a huge number of adorable photos and videos featuring Hoippu with her human body pillow on their blog and on Twitter. Be sure to check them out online!


Source: Net Lab
Images: Twitter/@HOIPPU_0722