There’s a stereotype about women and games. We can’t aim, we have no attention span, we only like cutesy games, we have to get our brothers/boyfriends/guy friends to clear the hard missions for us.

Well, this incredible advert for PlayStation 4’s Share Play – a new feature which allows PS4 owners to hop in and out of their friends’ games and even take full control without having to own a copy of the game – is set to smash those misconceptions like the proverbial glass ceiling! Watch as this Japanese girl gamer goes from zero to hero on her path to becoming the Goddess of Aiming!

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The video begins with an exhausted young woman crashed out on the sofa – from her outfit and the study books on her shelf, we can see that she’s currently mired in shuukatsu, the gruelling process of job-hunting that new college grads in Japan go through each year. Then, she gets a text from her older brother.

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He suggests playing a game together, but meh, she doesn’t have any two-player games. Not to worry! He introduces her to Sony’s Share Play feature, where he can remotely “share” one of his games with her so they can both play. As you can see from the video, it’s as easy as pressing the, well, “share” button on the controller! You can also “pass” the controller to a friend, virtually, so they can take over your game if you’re stuck!

▼This. Is. Awesome!!!

Girl Gamer surprises herself with how much she’s able to kick her brother’s butt at video games, most notably at recently released online shooter Destiny, which makes her want to play even more! Cue an awesome montage of video girl connecting with players from across the globe, uploading her own gaming footage to YouTube, and eventually earning herself the title of “Goddess of Aiming”!

▼What? You want to play? With lil’ old me?

She even gets pro gamer types asking her to virtually take over their controllers and clear the missions so they can watch how she does it.

▼Thanks for the help, ladybro!

Her new passion seems to give her the energy to get through the drudgery of corporate interviewing.

▼This beats having a real job any day!

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Soon, she’s an internet sensation! But then, the inevitable happens – she finally passes an interview. Is this the end of the Goddess of Aiming?

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You’ll have to watch the video yourselves to see what path she ultimately takes, but given the choice of your very own office cubicle or becoming a pro gamer, what would you choose? It’s kind of a no-brainer!

We were completely charmed by the genuinely touching nature of this commercial, and it definitely makes us want to get in on the Share Play action ourselves!

Source: YouTube
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