Could these kitty moves be the next dance craze to take the world by storm?

In Japan, there’s a popular tune called “Neko Funjatta” (“I Stepped on a Cat”) that’s actually well-known around the world. While its composer remains unknown, the song goes by many different names depending on the country you’re in, with some calling it the “Dog’s Waltz” or the “Flea Waltz”. Often played by beginners on the piano, chances are you’ll know the song too.

▼ Here it is played on the piano.

▼ And here it is as it’s known in Japan, with hilarious lyrics that include apologies to the kitty for stepping on it.

Now the tune has been given a party-mix update for the 21st century by Japanese delivery company Yamato Transport, more commonly known as Kuroneko (Black Cat), who’ve brought out a cute new video clip filled with moon-walking, crotch-holding, disco-dancing cats!

▼ Take a look at the felines dancing to the “Neko Funjatta” party-mix below.

▼ The cool cats cut some sharp lines and cute poses in the video clip, whether they’re dancing in the studio…


▼ Blowing kisses to passers-by while dressed in their uniforms…


▼ Practicing their graceful ballet moves…


▼ Or getting down  on the dance floor surrounded by a crowd of adoring women.


It’s exactly what cats would do if they could walk around like humans! Now if only the Kuroneko cats could deliver our parcels and bust some moves at our door like they do in the video clip. That would truly be an awesome service!

Source: Net Lab
Top Image: YouTube/Yamato Unyu