Kuroneko Yamato

Japanese courier service creates what could be the cutest delivery box ever

If you think cardboard boxes are meant to be just plain and functional, you need to see these “Cat Ear” boxes from Yamato Holdings. 

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Japan’s Kuroneko Black Cat delivery company releases hilarious “I Stepped on a Cat” music video

Could these kitty moves be the next dance craze to take the world by storm?

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Self-driving delivery cars to be used in Japan next year for online shopping

The first self-driving cars will be seen on the streets of Japan from March next year delivering online shopping orders.

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10 reasons why Japan’s Kuroneko Yamato is probably the best delivery service in the world

And it’s not just because they’ve got an adorable logo…

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Never work with animals: Outtakes from Japanese delivery company’s adorable black cat ad【Video】

Cat can’t quite get his box together, but he still gets an A for effort in the outtakes for Kuroneko Yamato’s commercial.

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We can’t stop watching this cute cat put together a packing box【Video】

Yamato Un’yu (Yamato Transport), is Japan’s largest delivery company. Their beige-and-teal trucks, as well as their kuroneko (black cat) logo, are as familiar to the Japanese as the Golden Arches or the Starbucks mermaid. Their logo has also resulted in them being referred to colloquially as Kuroneko (black cat) Yamato.

Now, to advertise their compact delivery boxes, they’ve enlisted the help of a real black cat to show just how easy it is to put together. And we all know that cats plus boxes make a mesmerizingly adorable combination!

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