Can cats cut the cost of power? Japanese delivery company with a cat-themed name investigates

Company conducts an experiment to see whether it can harness the power of the feline to save on monthly electricity costs and be more eco-friendly.

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Japan’s Kuroneko Black Cat delivery company releases hilarious “I Stepped on a Cat” music video

Could these kitty moves be the next dance craze to take the world by storm?

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Giant black cat appears in Shinjuku Station, gives gifts in exchange for nose rubs【Pics & Video】

You never know what you might find when you’re walking the streets of Tokyo. You could stumble upon nine cats in a stroller along the Omotesando shopping strip or enjoy a chance encounter with costumed meerkats on a sunny street in Ginza.

But it’s beneath the city where the big surprises lie. For the rest of this week, deep within the underground labyrinth of passages, shops, and platforms that make up Shinjuku Station, you’ll find a huge black cat. And this particular feline is especially spectacular as it responds to a nose rub by opening its mouth and dispensing presents to passers-by.

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