Never lose grip of your fan again with this simple how-to samurai guide

An uchiwa is a type of fan often seen in the Japanese summertime. A common staple of the summer festival, plenty of companies will give these out because there is ample space on the fan to put their printed advertisements. You can get so many that often if one goes missing, it doesn’t really bother you. Just turn to your left or right and pick up another. However, if you made this little alteration to the fan, we are betting you’ll always know exactly where it is.

With a bit of elastic and some patience, you can also make your fan grip look like the hilt of your personal samurai sword.

1) Lay the elastic flat horizontally to you (perpendicular to what you’re wrapping).

2) Take one side and fold the elastic like in the picture (the opposite ends should be perpendicular).

3) Fold the elastic again (the ends should be parallel).

4) Do the same thing with the other side of the elastic.

Flip the grip over and over, repeating those steps all the way down.

In order to tie off the bottom, take a look at the pictures and follow these instructions.

1) Tie the knot in the same way as the leftmost picture.

2) Pull the bottom elastic through the hole in the fan

3) Pull the top elastic through the hole so that the knot looks like the picture

4) Flip the fan over and thread the elastic through the last twist. Bring the ends forward over the twist, loop around and thread behind again

5) From this position, pull the elastic over the loop and back down/behind the twists

6) Continue to make the elastic wrap behind the knot, making a full circle

▼ Don’t worry, there isn’t a missing step #7

7) Pull it around again, arrange the knot and cut the elastic

8) Tuck it underneath to hide the ends.

And that’s it! It will probably take a bit longer than you expect, but just keep picturing in your head how awesome it will look once it’s done. That, plus how cool you will feel when you are fanning yourself should be enough motivation to finish the project. Just remember that no matter how much it looks like a sword, it isn’t actually a sword. We know that’s not going to stop anyone from swinging it around though!

Source: togetter
Featured image: Twitter/iskr_pompom