Iron Man’s photo account of Comic Con in New York is a beautiful reminder of the bonds that tie fans and cosplayers together.

The annual Comic Con event was held in New York City on the weekend, and amongst all the fans and costumed participants was one Japanese cosplayer who shone, both figuratively and literally, in a jaw-dropping replica Iron Man Suit that had everyone stopping for photos.

The man inside the red-and-gold suit was Japanese cosplayer Ken, who goes by the handle EDGE CAP or @ECAPT1 online.

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After completing the Mk-43 replica almost eight months ago, Ken travelled to the States to take part in the four-day convention, and became one of the star attractions, thanks to his realistic, light-emitting costume.

After arriving at the venue, Ken says he didn’t know where to turn when he realised he was surrounded 360 degrees by people, who were calling out to him from all directions. Children in particular were keen to pose for photos with him, and Ken loved watching their eyes grow wide with excitement every time he opened and closed his mask for them.

▼ Here you can see video of the mask in operation.

Ken was impressed by the way everybody asked for permission to take photos, with this serious photographer even taking him over to a metal wall backdrop for a professional-looking photo.

While Ken was more than happy to pose with and for fans, he also posed with fellow cosplayers too. Here he is with the Flash…

▼ …and here he is with fellow Marvel Comics character, Loki.

▼ There was also a meeting with MK-1, the first Iron Man suit built by Tony Stark…

▼ …and an encounter with Tony Stark himself!

▼ The Winter Soldier also turned up, this time in female form, trying to rip out his arc reactor.

▼ Captain America was there as well, with the two photographed together in a Civil War pose.

▼ Ken’s most precious photo, however, was this one, with Ironman’s original creator, the legendary Stan Lee!

After all the excitement of the convention, where Ken was able to bond with fellow attendees who shared his passion for the comic book world, it was time to return to Japan, with the cosplayer thanking New York for the memorable experience and his fans in his home country for their continuing support. We like to think he took off from the red carpet, waving goodbye to his new friends as he headed skyward, before flying off to his Osaka home base.

To see more of the talented cosplayer’s awesome costumes, and more details from his Iron Man outfit, including this incredible arm gadget, be sure to stop by his Twitter account. Prepare to be amazed!

If you’re in Japan, keep an eye out for Ken’s cosplaying team, called “EDGE AVENGERS”. We hope they all get to travel over to Comic Con in the States together next time!

Source: Yurukuyaru
Top image: Twitter/@ECAPT1