Meet the group that cosplayers and fans are falling in love with.

Nearly all the thousands of wide-eyed, mini-skirted 2-D anime characters that exist in Japan have one thing in common: idealised, slender physiques. And when big conventions like Comiket roll around twice a year, cosplayers come out in hordes to bring these characters to life with as much stylised realism as possible, often showing off taut stomachs and toned thighs to the delight of fans and photographers.

One group of cosplayers, however, is throwing convention to the wind and winning fans of their own in the process with their take on the hugely popular franchise Love Live! Calling themselves “Debu Raibu!”, or “Tub Live!”, these girls are happy to be who they are, proving that you don’t have to be thin to indulge in a love of cosplay.

The nine girls recreate idol group μ’s from the Love Live! series with all the cuteness and charm of the original characters.

Since making their debut at Comiket Summer 2015, they’ve been drawing constant crowds of fans and photographers.

They were also spotted at winter Comiket 2015, keeping warm with some fluffy accessories.

This year, at Comiket 90, the girls were still as popular as ever, showing off their cute poses and gorgeous bespoke costumes.

Fellow cosplayers have been quick to show their love for the beauties, eagerly posing for photos with the unit.

And fans are also smitten, sending in adorable artworks and illustrations.

With their growing popularity and increasingly cute costumes, we can’t wait to see what the girls have in store for the next Comiket event, scheduled for December this year!

Source: Twitter/#デブライブ
Top Image: Twitter@micross_