We find out if Japan’s newest monster burger is also its tastiest.  

On 2 February, Burger King unleashed its latest limited-edition burger in Japan, and its name hints at just how enormous it is  — the Great King Yeti The One Pounder.

The King Yeti has been sighted in Japan before, but according to the chain, this “Great” iteration is an evolved version, piquing our desire to do battle with it, especially after we vanquished it with a lot more ease than expected when we tried it last year.

▼ So we headed out to purchase the new burger as soon as it was released.

Boasting over 1,637 kilocalories, the King Yeti is a hamburger made with four beef patties and six Gouda cheese slices, finished with white cheese sauce. The whiteness of the cheese and sauce upon the double beef patty layers forms two snowy mountains within the burger, conjuring up images of expeditions to find the Abominable Snowman.

Image: Press release

This year, however, the chain is releasing the Great King Yeti, which contains a new mayo sauce to increase both the whiteness and the calories. Weighing in at 550 grams, which is actually 1.2 pounds, this One Pounder is such a beast that customers who purchase it get an “I Did It” sticker to congratulate them on their gastronomic efforts.

We didn’t want to jump the gun just yet, though, so placing the sticker to one side until we’d earned it, we unwrapped the beast and eyed up the challenge before us.

After biting into the beast, we were immediately hooked, declaring it to be the most delicious thing we’ve ever eaten at Burger King. It was the best-ever Yeti by far, with the main reason being the four flame-grilled beef patties, which stood up to the strength of the sauce, dominating the palate with their juicy, beefy flavours.

The newly added mayo sauce certainly added a lot to the flavour, but in the end this was a meaty beast that tasted so good we had no problem demolishing it.

Priced at 1,990 yen (US$13.41) or 2,290 yen for the set, this is an expensive burger, but one that’s worth it for the flavour…and the experience. However, one thing to note is that the half-cut service previously offered for the burger’s predecessors is not being offered this time, making it slightly more difficult to consume in one sitting.

The Great King Yeti is only available in limited quantities while stocks last, so if you’re keen to take on the beast, you’ll want to get in quick…and maybe loosen your belt to prepare for the fight when you go!

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