Workplace monitoring has never been this cute.

Companies monitoring their employees in the workplace is a divisive issue. On the one hand, responsible organizations do need to take some measures to ensure that everyone on the payroll is diligently performing their required tasks. At the same time, conscientious workers often don’t appreciate having their every move watched, and some would argue that the associated psychological tension actually has a negative impact on productivity.

Thus, the best course of action lies in some sort of middle ground, and this looks like it might be an elegant, even if unintended, solution.

Japanese Twitter user @omocha_no_uma received the above photos from a coworker, who looked up at his office ceiling to see a pair of feline eyes staring back at him. “Is this a new security camera?” he joked, before adding “I don’t think it can record video, but it probably has some sort of facial recognition function.”

Online commenters have added their own questions and speculations about this “camera’s” performance specs.

“How many meow-gapixels does it have?”
“I bet it has a great low-light function.”
“If it spots intruders, it can drop down and punch them.”

Unfortunately, @omocha_no_uma and his colleague don’t work in the same exact room of the building, and so he’s not sure of how the kitty got up there or what happened to it after this. We’re hoping that its presence boosted office morale enough that productivity has been soaring, and that the cat can leverage this success into a successful career as a business consultant.

Source: Hamster Sokuho, Twitter/@omocha_no_uma

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