Listen up, sushi romantics–the following types of misconduct at a revolving sushi restaurant will probably cost you a second date.   

Going out for conveyor-belt sushi, or kaiten-zushi in Japanese, is an entertaining, inexpensive way to satisfy a sushi craving. Japan is home to several chains such as Kappa Sushi, which tend to charge only 100 yen (US$0.90) per plate for the most basic rolls, and more and more conveyor belt-style places seem to be springing up overseas as people become acquainted with the simple fun of watching their sushi zoom by on a revolving belt. It also appears that conveyor-belt sushi joints are experiencing popularity as hot date spots, as detailed below.

In early March, Japanese seafood company Maruha Nichiro conducted an online survey entitled “2017 Consumer Factual Investigation regarding Conveyor-Belt Sushi”. The respondents were men and women living in both the Kanto and Kansai regions of Japan who frequent conveyor-belt sushi restaurants at least once a month. Of the 1,000 participants, who ranged in age from 15-59 years old, 54% responded that they had experienced at least one date at a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant before.

▼ A casual, fun, and relatively cheap date night could include the following bite-sized piece of happiness.

While the survey covered a series of questions relating to conveyor-belt sushi in general, one in particular stood out to our team of writers: “When you’re on a date at a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant, what are some behaviors that your partner should never do?” Take a moment to draft your own list of frowned-upon behaviors, then compare it with the ranking of the top 10 responses below.

The top 10 bad behaviors at a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant:
10. Competing with the person sitting next to you to eat the most number of plates
9. Not taking your own plates and making your date take them for you instead
8. Preparing only your own cup of tea and side of soy sauce
7. Reaching over your belt lane to grab a plate from the opposite side
6. Returning a plate that you grabbed by accident to the belt
5. Ordering a specific roll, only to ignore it when it comes by
4. Taking a plate that someone else ordered
3. Getting overly irritated at the wait-time before entering the restaurant
2. Spraying on strong fragrance before entering
1. Eating only the neta (sushi topping) and leaving the rice

▼ A clear example of what you should absolutely NOT do! What a waste…

We have to say, number 10 is a bit funny in an endearing sort of way; we can just picture someone trying to impress their date with an impromptu eating competition! The rest of the responses are largely common-sense and would apply to proper manners whether you’re on a date, with your friends, or by yourself. That said, grab someone nearby and get out there to enjoy some conveyor-belt sushi–while on your best behavior, of course!

Source: Maruha Nichiro
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