The funny video, shot by another professional sumo wrestler, shows the lighter side to Japan’s traditional sport.

Back in 2014, the Japan Sumo Association shared photos of one of their wrestlers, Kazuki Chiyomaru, sleeping soundly like a baby, and ever since then, the star has become known as one of the sport’s cutest wrestlers, due to his baby-faced cheeks and cute antics, which were captured in a number of hilarious images. Now the cute star is back with yet another sleepy display, this time caught on video by fellow sumo wrestler Daiki Toyonoshima, and the way that Chiyomaru continually attempts to clutch his hands together while catching some z’s is making the Internet fall in love with him all over again!

▼ Check out the sleeping giant below.

The candid video, which Toyonoshima simply titled “Hands! Hands!” showcases Chiyomaru’s amazing ability to doze off anywhere, even under the bright lights of a noisy room. Though the wrestler’s exhausted body fights to let his arms relax on either side of his large torso, the wrestler’s disciplined mind won’t let his hands drift away from their clasped position. Whether it’s for warmth or appearance, we can’t be sure, but one thing is certain: fans are loving his strange technique.

“OMG this is too cute!”
“This is so funny – it made me laugh out loud!”
“He must be in the middle of a dream. I wonder what he’s dreaming about!”
“His frantic hand movements are absolutely adorable!”
“Thank you Chiyomaru. I feel healed and relaxed after watching this video!”

While Chiyomaru is delighting fans in his sleep, it seems that Toyonoshima is himself a bit of a character, often sharing selfies of himself on Twitter, pulling some funny faces. To keep up with all of the sumo wrestler’s light-hearted behind-the scenes humour, check out his Twitter account for more updates!

Source, images: Twitter/@toyonoshima0626
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