Add ceremonial salt to your fries, fight in the ring on a pouch, and watch a wrestler grow in your water glass. 

Over the years, we’ve fallen in love with Japanese brand Felissimo, and in particular their You + More sub-brand, which takes its name from the similar-sounding “humour“. As the name suggests, all the items they create have humour at their core, including their latest collection, which is based around Japanese sumo wrestlers.

Designed by a serious sumo enthusiast, the new items in the range come from a place of real respect for the traditional sport, balancing a sense of authenticity with fun elements to create a range that’s entirely unique.

There are four items in the collection so let’s take a look at them all, starting with…

▼ The “Hakkeyoi, Nokotta! Sumo ga Toreru Dohyo Pouch

Hakkeyoi” is the phrase shouted by a sumo referee when both wrestlers have stopped moving, while “Nokotta!”, meaning “Not yet!”, is shouted by the referee when one of the wrestlers goes on the attack. “Sumo ga toreru” means the wrestler has fallen out of the “dohyo” (“sumo ring”), and that’s exactly what you can do with these zipper wrestlers, pushing them back and forth as you create your own sumo bout.

▼ The pouch can be used to hold all sorts of small goods, like stationery or even tissues.

As always, You + More proves its items aren’t just funny gimmicks by paying attention to finer details, like using embroidered fabric and small rope features to recreate the look of a sumo ring.

The next item in the range is the “Rikishi ni Yorisou Dohyoiri Image Tea” (“Up Close with Sumo Wrestlers Entrance Procession Into the Ring Image Tea“), a set of teas that pay homage to the six tournaments that are held every year. Each tea is said to capture the “feelings and physical condition” of the wrestlers at each location.

The dark blue tin contains a sakura tea that pays homage to the New Year’s Tournament in Tokyo, the light green tin contains a chamomile tea to represent the March tournament in Osaka, and the red tin contains a rose tea for Tokyo’s summer tournament in May.

The light blue tin is a lemon tea for Nagoya’s July tournament, the dark green is peppermint tea for the autumn tournament in September in Tokyo, while the yellow tin is a benifuki tea for the November tournament in Kyushu.

▼ The teas allow you to feel as if you’re there at the tournament, watching the entrance procession.

Next up, we have the “Shiomasa wo Saigen Dekiru Rikishi no Choumiryou Case”, which translates to “Samurai Seasoning Case That You Can Reenact the Salt Throw With“.

Sumo wrestlers famously throw salt into the ring to purify it before a bout, so this product allows you to reenact that ceremonial salt spray, bringing a touch of the sumo spirit to every meal .

▼ The spray of salt looks just like the ones you see at a sumo tournament!

Rounding off the collection is the “Mizu wo ireru to Tsuyoku Naru Rikishi no Shusse Glass” (“Add Water and Become Strong Wrestler’s Promotion Glass“).

As the descriptive name suggests, adding water to these glasses will make the wrestler big and strong, essentially promoting him through the ranks.

▼ There are four wrestlers in the set.

The salt shaker is priced at 1,980 yen (US$17.34) while the pouch is priced at 3,080 yen. The teas, which retail for 2,052 yen each, are sold as a set of six, with one tin being delivered per month until you’ve received all six. The glasses are also sold as a set with one delivered per month, at a cost of 1,100 yen each time, and all the items can be ordered online.

With so many people choosing to watch the sumo on T.V. rather than attend matches due to the ongoing pandemic, this collection of goods is a great way to bring the fun of the tournament into your home. And if you’ve got a You + More sexy daikon body pillow to cosy up with, even better!

Source, images: PR Times
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