At least it should keep the amount of work-time chatter to a minimum.

If you were to use only one word to describe the Japanese work ethic, you’d probably choose “overtime.” However, if you were to choose a second word, you’d probably go with “efficiency.” Most jobs around the world value the quickest turnaround time possible, but you could claim that Japanese workers have perfected it to an art form.

Need some proof? Just take a look at these roofers as they assemble roofing out of cedar bark. After they’ve carefully lined up the bark, they reach into a container, grab a handful of nails, and put them all inside their mouth.

▼ It’s not a tasty meal, but at least they won’t be iron deficient.

The speed at which they hammer in the nails is probably helped by the softness of the bark and the light hammer they’re using. But seeing them prime a nail, hammer it in and grab the next nail from their mouth is pretty impressive.

▼ We can’t imagine this would fly in America…we can already see the refusal of work papers going out to the Labor Board.


If you continue watching the video, you’ll see how workers harvest the bark from cedar trees. Equally as fascinating, but not quite as astonishing.


It’s a good thing those of us at RocketNews24 are writers and not construction workers, because we probably don’t have the oral dexterity necessary to manipulate nails like the people in the video. However, judging by the display of skill, even if it’s a little diffeent from tying a cherry stem into a knot, those guys are probably pretty decent kissers.

Source, images: YouTube/I Am Stankoff