A stylish must-have for the lord of the books.

Last year we covered the Grimoire Bag, a messenger bag for all your wizard necessities from lizard tails to potions. But spell slinging takes a lot of preparation, and for those who desire more storage space, perhaps an upgrade is in order.

The folks at ThinkGeek have designed a backpack in the shape of a massive grimoire that fits all the tools one might need for excursions into the unknown.

▼ One book to store them all.

▼ It comes with a top handle and adjustable
padded straps. Gandalf approves of this.

Measuring 33 centimeters (13 inches) wide and 43 centimeters (17 inches) tall, the Olde Book Backpack has an inner compartment large enough to store a small laptop or several books. Fully unzipping the sides allows the modern wizard to access techno-magical oddities.

▼ Great for tech-savvy wizards with
state-of-the-art scrolls (a.k.a. iPads).

▼ The stiff sides ensure the contents are well
protected from the likes of goblins and trolls.

If you’re looking to make a fantasy fashion statement like any self-respecting wizard would, the royal blue Olde Book Backpack might be just for you. After all, watching the lord of the books flip open a huge book to whip out yet another book is a spectacle in itself.

▼ The royal blue backpack goes well with the crimson red messenger bag.

Currently on sale at US$24.99, this Olde Book Backpack is perfect for cosplayers and fans of the fantasy genre. Complete the look with a grimoire smartphone case and you’ll be turning heads for sure.

Source: ThinkGeek via PR Times
Images: PR Times