Bad fur day? Japan’s 100 yen store Daiso has the solution!

Teddy bears and cuddly character plushies are, let’s face it, adorable and definitely not just for kids, but it’s difficult to keep them looking their best, since throwing them in the washing machine often results in clumpy stuffing and permanent bad fur days. Who’d have thought that performing a plushy makeover would be as simple as giving it a good brushing with a doggy brush from one of Japan’s magical 100 yen stores?

Just look at how smooth and dapper this Disney Duffy bear looks after a once-over with the doggy brush!

In fact, it seems that more than one person had the same idea to give their Duffy a sprucing-up!

And it even works on shaggy rugs and carpets, too, turning clumps into smooth and fluffy fibres.

We’ve always known that Japan’s 100 yen stores provide excellent value with a variety of time-saving and innovative products. We’ll be adding this little life hack to our arsenal the next time we’re faced with a messy rug or bed-head-ted situation.

Source: Togech
Featured image: Twitter@TSUBACHIKA