The ingenious design includes a tiny pull tab on the label that neatly folds itself into a spectacular festive bow with one smooth movement!

With so many limited edition releases and beautifully packaged products on shelves each year, Christmas in Japan is always a joyous occasion. This year, drinks sections in stores around the country are in for an extra special treat, with Coca-Cola Japan making the announcement that a new “Ribbon Bottle” will be released for the festive season.

▼ To see how the label transforms into a neat bow, check out the video below.

First introduced in Colombia in 2013, the initial run of the product included a few thousand labels, which were applied by hand. After spending two years developing machinery to produce the special labels on a mass scale, the ribbon bottle design made news overseas last year after Coca-Cola Europe introduced the concept to the U.K. market. This year, Japan is the lucky recipient of the amazing new ribbon label, which will feature on regular 500-millilitre (17-ounce) Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero bottles.


The new bottles are the centrepiece of a wider Christmas marketing campaign in Japan, which includes a promotion starting from 21 November, which offers a pair of fuzzy, warm socks to customers who purchase either four small bottles or two larger bottles.


From 5 December, customers who purchase any one-litre (33-ounce) or two-litre bottles will receive one of five beautiful “crystal ornaments”, featuring festive designs like a snowman, Santa Claus, and a decorated Christmas tree.


While the gorgeous-looking Ribbon Bottle on its own is sure to attract huge interest from consumers, the exciting side promotions will be enticing Japanese consumers to stock up on the products for the holiday season.


The limited-edition bottles will be available nationwide from 7 November at the recommended retail price of 140 yen (US$1.36).

Source, images: Coca-Cola Japan