A new look and new taste for a new year.

Back in January, Coca-Cola surprised the world with a brand new, never-before seen peach flavour for their brand, which was released exclusively in Japan.

According to the company, the Peach Coca-Cola was perfectly suited to the Japanese market, given that peaches are believed to have the power to sweep away evil, according to ancient legends and mythology, making them one of the most popular fruits in the country.

▼ The 2018 Peach Coca-Cola

Research also indicates that demand for peach drinks is highest in Japan from January to March, which is apt, given that Japan’s Hinamatsuri “Doll Festival“, celebrated on 3 March every year, is also known as Momo no Sekku, “the seasonal festival of peaches”. This is when houses are decorated with pretty Hina dolls and plum flowers, to help mark the changing of the seasons.

Now, as January rises up on the horizon, Coca-Cola has decided to re-release the special flavour, only this time an all-new design and formulation.

▼ The 2019 Peach Coca-Cola

The new design features the same colour scheme as last year, only now with the addition of some green peach leaves and a lot more of the light pink colour on the label.

The shift to pale pink on the label serves to highlight the special new formulation, which is said to be even better than last year, as it now contains one-percent white peach juice.

Last year’s version didn’t contain any juice at all, so Coca-Cola says the new “upgraded” peach coke now has better flavour and even more aroma. 

▼ The new drinks will be sold in the same small and large sizes as last year.

This year, Coca-Cola will be releasing a new “omikuji” fortune-telling label to their regular lineup on 24 December, and to make sure peach coke customers don’t miss out on the interactive fun, the new release will also feature an omikuji section on the label.

Omikuji fortunes are drawn at Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, and are particularly popular around New Year, but these days they can also be randomly generated through online sites as well. To generate your own “Coke Omikuji” fortune, simply scan the QR code on the side of the label and depending on your level of luck, you’ll be rewarded with a variety of points, which can be used to redeem rewards like new emojis on the Line messaging app.

The new Peach Coca-Cola will be released at stores around Japan on 7 January, and will only be available until stocks last, so be sure to pick one up when you can!

Source: Coca-Cola Japan
Featured image: Coca-Cola Japan
Insert images: PR Times, Coca-Cola Japan