As is our longstanding tradition, we took a 10,000 yen bill to another Japanese fast food joint to see what kind of culinary monstrosity we could make.

Longtime readers are well aware that we here at RocketNews24 have a bit of a fast food fetish and also, apparently, a complete and utter disdain for responsible uses of money. We’ve sunk thousands over the years into pushing the upper limits of optional fast food toppings just because we love fast food just that much.


But, a little bored with exploiting Burger King’s “Have it Your Way” policy to ludicrous extremes, and also maybe because we’re barred from ever showing our faces there again, we decided to shift gears and see what kind of gluttonous masterpiece we could Frankenstein out of the menu offerings at Japan’s native and arguably most popular fast food restaurant, Yoshinoya. Equipped with 10,000 yen (somewhere around US$93), we recently set out to see how much extra meat we could get the harried staff to pile on top of our beef bowl. And no, it’s not because we wanted to maximize our post-workout protein intake – as if we’ve actually seen the inside of a gym before – but because we’re kind of gross and irresponsible.



Per custom, we called the staff at our nearby Yoshinoya to check in advance if it was okay to place such a patently ridiculous order. The gracious staff members agreed to take on the task, so we promptly trucked over to receive our prize. Lo and behold, when we plopped down our 10,000 yen bill, the register clerk immediately recognized us from our preliminary call, while the kitchen chefs no doubt muttered unsavory things about our mothers, and soon enough we were presented with six large bowls piled high with Yoshinoya’s tender sliced beef; enough for 29 normal diners. So, like, maybe four RocketNews24 writers.




To our slight disappointment, there wound up being just way too much beef to mad science into a single gargantuan beef bowl, so we split up the offerings as best we could for our standard extreme fast food topping photo before proceeding to devour the feast like starved hyenas.



In the end, we only managed to wolf down about 15 servings before we began feeling delirious, so we bagged up the rest to split with the rest of the team. By our expert fast food calculations, that puts the maximum amount of beef bowl a person could reasonably consume at about 3,000 yen’s worth, so rest assured that you too can enjoy a gut-busting mountain of meat without totally breaking the bank.

Just, maybe check with your doctor first.


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