Does this punny snack combine udon and donuts in the best, or worst, way?

We’ve seen food-based puns lead to some pretty incredible creations before. There’s the Big Hero 6 rice-based dish because the Japanese word for “rice” can be pronounced like the “bay” in “baymax,” the special strawberry shortcake that is only available one day a year, and even Domino’s Pizza rewarded you with coupons if you endured an onslaught of puns.

But the world was recently given one of the greatest edible puns in history, due to its simplicity and cross-language compatibility: the udon-ut. Japanese Twitter user @eiitirou brought it to the attention of the internet:

“No… wait. What is this new item on the menu?
It’s udon… and a donut… an udon-ut?!”

Oh yes, that’s right. For just 150 yen (US$1.40) you can get a crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside snack that combines the salty goodness of udon with the sweet deliciousness of a donut.

But is the mixture of two opposite-yet-amazing foods really going to end up with something tasty? Or a taste bud disaster? @eiitirou provided a review:

“I thought the udon-ut would just be a donut made to look like udon, but no! It was actually fried udon with sugar, kind of like a sweet wonton.”

“The outside was crunchy, the inside was like a chewy wonton. Definitely an unexpected, but welcome, addition to udon sweets!”

And as if that wasn’t enough, the same cafe also offers some other unique other takes on udon noodles:

▼ That’s an udon burger on the left and an udon katsu burger on the right.
I mean, you’re gonna need something to eat before your udon dessert, right?

Here’s how Japanese netizens reacted:

“Can they really still call that ‘udon?'”
“I’d try it!”
“I’ll take one of each… but hold the udon on them please!”
“Well I guess it’s expected of Kagawa Prefecture, the udon prefecture.”

Kagawa Prefecture is a little obsessed when it comes to udon. For those interested in getting an udon-ut or udon burger of their own, check out Tsudanomatsubara SA in Kagawa Prefecture (information below).

But if that kind of udon isn’t your thing, no worries, we’ve got you covered with gummy udon and udon with whipped cream! Or, if you’re a mad scientist, neon-colored udon too. Be careful with that last one though….

Cafe information
Tsudanomatsubara SA
Address: 769-2402 Kagawa Prefecture, Sanuki, Tsudamachi Tsuruwa 939-1
Phone: 0879-42-0880

Source: Twitter/@eiitirou via Hamusoku
Top image: Wikimedia Commons/Ranveig, Wikimedia Commons/Angeldm (edited by RocketNews24)