Or should these artistic salutes to Slowpoke be called “monholes?”

Each species of Pokémon has its own set of stats and parameters, but Slowpoke hasn’t usually scored particularly high in the respect department. In addition to his less-than-complimentary English-version name, in the Japanese Pokémon games and anime he’s called Yadon, a reworking of the Japanese word doya (unwittingly dopey-looking).

But Japan’s Kagawa Prefecture holds Slowpoke/Yadon in high regard, primarily because his Japanese name is similar in sound to “udon,” the type of Japanese noodles Kagawa is famous for. Last year, Slowpoke was honored by being named governor of Kagawa, and now the prefecture is ready to salute the lovably laid-back Water/Psychic Type with a series of adorable manhole covers showing Slowpoke taking in Kagawa’s most popular tourism destinations, with cameos from a few other Pocket Monster species.

▼ Clockwise from top left: Yadon at Takamatsu City’s Ritsurin Garden
In front of Marugame Castle
Frolicking with Slowbro in Zentsuji
Lounging in front of the Great Seto Bridge that connects the island of Shikoku (where Kagawa is located) with Japan’s main island of Honshu

▼ Hanging out with Slowking in Kanonji
Snoozing next to Clefairy in Sanuki
Soaking up the sun on a sandy beach in Mitoyo with Shellder
Popping out of a well in Higashi Kagawa

▼ Being duplicated by Ditto in Tonosho
Checking out the olive orchards on Shodoshima Island
Having his tail nibbled on by Magikarp in Naoshima
Large and in charge in Miki

▼ Chowing down on udon in Ayagawa
Stretching out in Kotohira
Paying the rain no mind in Manno
Taking a boat trip for two in the port town of Tadatsu

The Slowpoke manholes are scheduled to be installed on September 20 and 21, with their exact locations to be revealed on the official Pokémon manhole location finder website here (but don’t forget to use your Slowpoke PC cushion plushie if you’re planning an extended search).

Source: Udon-ken Tabi Net via Livedoor News/Kai-You via Jin
Images: Kagawa Prefecture Tourism Association
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