When your heart says no, but your stomach says yes!

We’ve seen some pretty odd food combinations here at RocketNews24, but this one may take the cake as far as polarizing initial reactions go: English breakfast udon.

Yes, you read that correctly. This London creation is Japanese udon with bacon and a fried egg on top, and it recently came to the attention of the internet when the Japanese gourmet Twitter account @gnavi_kanji tweeted about it:

▼ “Seems like udon is ‘evolving’ in London with this 21st century creation that combines Japanese and English tastes: bacon and fried egg ‘English Breakfast Udon!'”

▼ So just to reiterate, that’s udon with bacon, fried egg,
and a shiitake mushroom for good measure.


▼ …it looks so wrong but it feels so right.


▼ Well, when in Rome London!


▼ We may be used to crazy food concoctions coming out of Japan, but this masterpiece/
monstrosity was created in England at the Japanese restaurant Koya Bar.


And the final verdict for how the English breakfast udon tastes? According to the gourmet blog, it’s great! The dish may seem bizarre at first glance, but when you think about it, many Japanese udon bowls already come with an egg and some sort of meat, so it’s not too far off from the normal, time-honored recipe for success.

Here’s how Japanese netizens reacted to seeing their udon ‘evolved’ overseas:

“That… actually looks really tasty.”
“And it’s very pretty looking too.”
“I think I’ll try making it myself!”
“Makes sense since raw eggs aren’t too popular outside Japan.”
“Try throwing some fish and chips on top of the next bowl!”

So what do you think? Would you order the English breakfast udon if it was on your menu, or would you stick to a traditional tempura/curry udon? I’d probably be willing to give it a try, though I have to admit I’d draw the line at an American breakfast udon: tempura in milk with cereal and marshmallows. No thank you.

Source: Twitter/@gnavi_kanji, Gurunavi via Hamusoku
Images: Twitter/@gnavi_kanji