Japanese noodle restaurant chain adds an unusual new sweet to its dessert menu.

If you’re looking to eat udon (wheat noodles) in Japan, there’s one chain you should know about, and it’s called Marugame Seimen.

▼ 丸亀製麺 (Marugame Seimen)

With branches across Japan and even overseas, Marugame Seimen knows its stuff when it comes to serving noodles, but now it’s turning its prowess to a different type of dish, using udon noodles to create…the Udonattsu.

▼ うドーナッツ (“Udonattsu”)

Combining the word “udon” with the Japanese word for doughnut, “donattsu”, this new treat is currently only available at select locations, with the nationwide rollout commencing from 25 June.

▼ According to the promo commercial for it, the Udonattsu has a distinct, chewy texture.

After seeing the commercial for the new doughnut, our reporter Seiji Nakazawa immediately hopped online to find out where he could get a taste of it, and he was happy to find he wasn’t too far away from a participating branch, with Shibuya Dogenzaka having them on the menu.

▼ When he arrived at the store, he saw the doughnuts were being conveniently sold at the cash register, in bags of five for 300 yen (US$1.90).

He immediately picked up a bag, and after paying for it, the store clerk told him to help himself to the cane sugar topping in the specially created “Takeout Corner”.

▼ One spoonful per bag.

The do-it-yourself sugar topping was a nice touch, and when Seiji poured his spoonful in, it almost completely covered the doughnuts.

Though it looked like a lot of sugar, when he took his first bite, it turned out to be just the right amount of sweetness. The outside was super crunchy, and inside, as advertised in the commercial, it was incredibly chewy.

This chewy texture was fantastic, and according to the chain, it took three years to perfect, with the final recipe involving udon noodles blended into a paste, with white dashi broth adding an enticing aroma and flavour. It was an incredibly innovative idea to create a doughnut made with actual udon noodles as opposed to udon flour, and Seiji was totally on board with it.

▼ Plus, once it rolls out officially, there’ll be two flavours to choose from: Cane Sugar and Curry.

After being enthralled by the delicious taste and texture of the Cane Sugar Udonattsu, Seiji is now keener than ever to try the curry version. With Marugame Seimen employing certified master udon craftsmen, this is definitely a chain to keep an eye on.

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