Producers of this North Korean military video were probably aiming for fear but instead delivered a two-and-a-half minute funny.

This North Korean propaganda video that has recently gone viral is either a testament to the overwhelming strength of Kim Jong-un’s special elite forces or the alarming weakness of timber in the despotic nation.

You can check out the “frightening” video here:

Fortunately only small rocks, a few cable wires and millions of clay cinder blocks were harmed during the making of this video.

I’m not sure if Kim Jong-un got the memo but national defense relies on a whole lot more than just fists of fury. Or perhaps these North Korean soldiers have the ability to take down a tomahawk missile with a Bruce Lee fly kick. Although, if military prowess was measured in terms of a country’s capacity to destroy terracotta then North Korea would be well up there in global rankings.

The North Korean propaganda video begins in a relatively predictable fashion with a squadron of soldiers performing some basic martial arts moves – a kick up high, a punch down low. But then things start to get real at around the thirty-second mark.

A soldier is beaten with long pieces of timber – possibly hailing from the balsa wood family. Another soldier performs a hammer-on-rock-on-machete-on-wrist-on-two-ceramic-tiles manoeuvre. One guy has a small rock resting on his stomach, which is wacked and slightly splintered by a sledgehammer.

▼ North Korean troop performs the hammer-on-rock-on-machete-on-wrist-on-two-ceramic-tiles manoeuvre.


In the following sequence we see how the North Koreans really have a fervent dislike of anything resembling a tile or brick. And the pre-recorded squeals and screams really add to this deep-seated hatred.

I don’t know about you but if I were a ceramic tile I would not be visiting North Korea any time soon.

▼ Tile stacks blissfully unaware of the pain that is about to be unleashed.


But you may also want to think twice if you are a light bulb and you were thinking of making the journey to Pyongyang. As the video shows, these special elite forces can break you with their right index finger.

▼ Even light bulbs are not safe in North Korea.


Cable wires may also need to rethink their travel plans with two North Korean soldiers demonstrating their ability to bend and twist metal ropes with their bare chests into a range of S shapes – just before taking out another dozen innocent clay tiles.

The video is definite proof that garden earthenware must be vigilant when dealing with North Korea but it has probably failed to strike fear into the hearts of Western peoples. On the other hand, it has raised serious questions as to exactly how much North Korea is spending on ceramic objects.

For those of you who are not light bulbs or ceramic tiles, did you feel threatened by this video?

Source:, YouTube/Stimmekoreas
Images: YouTube/Stimmekoreas