North Korea shows military prowess by bludgeoning a wide range of ceramics【Video】

Producers of this North Korean military video were probably aiming for fear but instead delivered a two-and-a-half minute funny.

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Japanese military cosplay convention is almost too real【Pics】

Japanese enthusiasts show us that military cosplay is serious business.

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McDonald’s Taiwan taking fire after staff cosplay in army and navy uniforms

The dress up-loving staff at McDonald’s Taiwan are back, but this time they might have wandered into contested territory with their choice of outfits…

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Kim Jong-un visits North Korean women soldiers, internet Photoshop battle ensues【Pics】

It has to be pretty good being Kim Jong-un. You’re the supreme dictator of a whole country, you’ve got the most fashionable haircut ever, and women flock to you and faint in your presence.

Unfortunately being so handsome and popular has one downside though: the internet. When the online hivemind got its hands on a photo of Kim Jong-un visiting the female division of his divine army, they created some hilarious Photoshop masterpieces that are truly fitting for such a respected leader.

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Jumping through a ring of fire. Breaking bricks with your head. Drinking cobra blood.

Those are some examples of what troops from around the world go through as part of military training.

Check out more intense exercises in the following gallery.

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The Japan Self-Defense Forces have their own kind of Coming-of-Age ceremony and it’s pretty cool

If you haven’t heard yet, last week 20-year-olds all over Japan dressed up and gathered together on January 12 for their government official Coming-of-Age ceremonies. The event takes place every year for any young adult who turned 20 in the previous year. It’s an event that signifies their entry into adulthood and ability to legally drink alcohol.

However, there are some 20-year-olds who don’t get to celebrate the same way as their peers: those who joined the Japan Self-Defense Forces after high school and are off on duty somewhere. The forgotten few were not so forgotten this year, as some pictures of them were posted on Twitter. And you thought the guys in Okinawa were badass? Check out these soldiers.

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Chinese cadet is beautiful enough to make you want to join the army

It is often said that female idol groups are the saviors of excitement-deprived male soldiers toiling in the army. In China, however, it seems like the army has gotten its own idol this time. Joyin, a new member of the Chinese army, caught the attention of netizens and gained international fame when her pictures were uploaded on social media. Click on the full article for more of a different kind of ‘uniform girl’.

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Japan Self Defense Forces hoping to entice new recruits with… dancing avatar smartphone app

In our modern world, with the sometimes questionable motives of our political leaders and the abundance of often conflicting information available online, it’s perhaps not surprising that countries’ armed forces have a hard time finding new recruits.

While the United States Army opted to take a rather gung-ho approach to recruitment by releasing a free-to-play tactical first-person shooter video game in the form of America’s Army, Japan – who, following its defeat in World War II, is permitted only to have “Self-Defense Forces” that remain on Japanese territory – has its own methods of rallying support and enticing potential new recruits. Its latest recruitment drive, for example, is so fantastically quirky that is positively screams “Japan”.

Say hello to the JSDF “cheerleading shout” app that allows future soldiers, sailors and pilots to take selfies and insert them into Mii-like avatars that dance around when special augment reality (AR) cards are scanned.

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Applications for Japan Self Defense Force increase by 20% thanks to moe

Cuteness sells, even if what you’re selling is recruitment for the Japan Self-Defense Force (JSDF) and the National Defense Academy (NDA). Since last July, the JSDF’s Okayama Provincial Cooperation Office has been using three adorable mascot girls to raise awareness for the JSDF. The girls represent each military branch of the forces, sporting the uniforms for each. Momoe Kibi represents the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (Army), Mizuho Seto represents the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (Navy), while Airi Bizen represents the Japan Air Self Defense Force (Air Force). If the design aesthetic looks familiar, it’s because the girls were created by Humikane Shimada, the original character designer behind such military-inspired moe series like Strike Witches and Girls und Panzer.

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One Tool, A Million Uses: Chinese Army’s Fantastic “All-Purpose Shovel” 【Video】

Ordinarily, we wouldn’t even bother burning the calories required to click the link when presented with a video titled “Chinese Military Shovel” (especially when it means risking seeing that god-awful Gundam pachinko ad again). But after being recommended it by our Japanese sister site RocketNews24 Japan, we sat down to watch a demonstration of how China’s bravest men make the most of a tool that few of us would think of using for anything more than digging a hole in the ground or patting the tops of sandcastles flat with.

As it turns out, this is one handy little tool to have, with the Chinese military demonstrating some 24 different uses for it in this peculiar video. And we thought Swiss Army knives were versatile…

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